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Welcome to WebTigers!

If you’re here, it means you’re probably looking for information about WebTigers’ design contest that we’re running. Cool! Obviously from the look of our site right now, it’s pretty bland. We need a new site! So let’s talk about who we are and what we’ll be doing,

Who We Are

WebTigers is a small group of former super-awesome Disney web Developers who code UI/UX like it’s nobody’s business. Some of us are graphic designers, coders, developers or a little of all of these. Suffice to say, we know super-awesome UI because we build super-awesome UI! (We might be just a little stuck on ourselves as well, but we are genuine and very friendly people.)

What We Are Doing

The WebTigers team is looking for a handful of really super-awesome graphic designers to help us design the next generation of website themes for a myriad of different publishing and development platforms, including WordPress, Drupal and other popular PHP-based frameworks.

To find these super-awesome design people (we like the words “super-awesome” in case you hadn’t gathered that already) we’re running a design contest to design the all-new WebTigers website.

What will the site do?

The WebTigers site will largely need to showcase all of the super-awesome (there’s those words again) themes that the WebTigers team creates. It will be a kind of product marketplace with e-commerce features that will allow WebTigers to show-off the really great product theme designs that we’ll be creating together.

How do we want our new site to look?

We don’t know! That’s your job! We need you to come up with an amazingly compelling site that just screams:

    • elegance
    • professionalism
    • uniqueness, and
    • super-awesome coolness!

We need a logo as well that merges seamlessly with our new web site that you will be designing.

Want some inspiration? Try some of these links that show what other top theme marketing companies look like:

But don’t imitate – INNOVATE! Show us what you’re made of!

Good luck with your designs and feel free to email us with your questions!

-Beau, CEO, WebTigers


If you’re awesome at graphic design, you need to be working with WebTigers!

WebTigers is now looking for a handful of top Disney-class designers to design the next generation of super-awesome themes for a variety of categories like business, mobile, admin panels, and others. Not only will you get paid for your creative design, up to $1,500, but WebTigers will also be paying our select designers a portion of the sales of their designs that we sell!

How It Works

    1. You design an amazing, super-awesome website theme in Photoshop; you don’t need to code anything! All you need to provide is the design and layered .PSD files.
      • Be sure you illustrate any action changes, like what happens with clicks, mouseovers, etc.
      • Make sure your files are well organized in layers. One file per page please!
      • Make yourself familiar with the different kinds page layouts that a website theme customer might want to have, like dramatic, eye-catching home pages, blog pages, pricing pages, etc. Look at the top selling themes on other popular theme sites to see what others are offering as well. You may need to design as many as 15 to 20 slightly different pages that work within your overall design! Don’t try to cut corners, different page details count!
      • The more color and/or texture options you build into your design, the better! The most professional themes have 10 to 20 different color/texture variations.
    2. WebTigers will take your design and translate it into theme code using our custom TigerUI™ control systems and other enhancements that will make your design into a fully salable commercial product. We will spend weeks and weeks coding up a new product to make sure it’s absolutely perfect.
    3. Now the fun begins, we’ll professionally market the product featuring your design within a number of areas on the web.
    4. When the product sells featuring your design, WebTigers will return to you a percentage of the net sale price—currently we’re offering 25%.

How much money can you make?

Well, the fact is we don’t know yet. We’re a new company and we’re just starting this up. You’ll be among some of our first designers. But let’s run some numbers:

Really good theme designs with a boatload of great features (like the ones we will be producing with your design) will sell between 5,000 to 20,000 units annually. If we sell just 1,000 units of a product with your design, you could be looking at US$5,000 to US$10,000 in commission. That’s really good money for a week or two worth of design work. And if you’re a particularly fast designer (yea, you know who you are!) even better!

How To Submit Your Theme Designs To WebTigers

Email us using the provided web form on our contact page. Be sure to attach a full-size .PNG file of your proposed theme or a .ZIP file of numerous full-size images. You may watermark the design if you wish. We’re honest people here. We’re not going to steal your design, that’s just asking for really ugly Karma.

If we think your design is truly super-awesome, we’ll get back to you within a few days with an offer. If we think you need to re-work some things to be eligible, we’ll be honest and let you know that as well. If you don’t hear back from us, within a week or so, well, we’re sorry, you didn’t make the cut. We’re going to be honest here, we’re really only going to be able to accept the top 5% of designers. We’re only going to build a product around the cream of the crop designs here. We’re not building cookie-cutter Fords or Chevy’s here; we’re building only Mercedes-class products.

Your design must be wholly unique and not “borrowed” from someone else. Because we are purchasing your design as a work for hire, WebTigers will own whatever design you sell to us; but, you will earn a percentage on the sale of every design we convert into a salable product—and that commission will continue for the life of the product. We estimate that a good design will have a fairly long “shelf-life” of maybe three years, but it could be longer. We don’t know, remember, we’re just as new to this as you are.

Let’s Do It!

Okay, so that’s our story. Now contact us and tell us yous! Show us your super cool design powers and let’s make some great products that knock the socks off the competition! If we do this right, we’ll end up making some pretty good money as well.

-Beau, CEO, WebTigers

Super-awesome Themes Coming Soon!