Welcome to TIGER Platform 2.0

TIGER 2.0 Features

Inside the box you will find everything you need to jumpstart your new ideas.

Super easy. Super affordable. 30-days Free.

Why developers are choosing TIGER. Why you should too.

Instant Website / CMS / Blog

TIGER is super easy to use. Launch a TIGER instance in AWS and your setup work is done. There's literally nothing to configure. Your new website, blog, with a complete CMS is already configured and running the moment the instance launches.

Self-contained for your Clients

Your client needs a website with some custom components. You have it handled with TIGER. Your client's server instance is self-contained and not shared with your other clients. If traffic skyrockets or something breaks, no worries. It won't affect your other clients or bring down your whole business.

Jumpstart Your Next BIG Enterprise-class Idea

Your next big app idea is going to need to have business entities, users, translation, access control, front-ends, API's, a database, caching, and be hugely scalable. No problem. Tiger has it handled. Right out of the box you have an enterprise-class build of of a PHP 7 application and full LAMP stack. Get rockin' ...

Classic ZendFramework 1 and PHP 7

The original is still the best. Newly updated and community supported, ZF1 is still the easiest PHP framework to use. WebTIGERS has taken all of the guess work out of configuring ZF1 with tons of great documentation both outside of and within the TIGER code. No PHP framework has been more enterprise-used and security-tested over the years than Zend.

Way Affordable

How much time, money and energy would it cost you to get up and running with all of Tiger's exceptional features and interoperability, including full documentation for your teams? Weeks? Months? With Tiger you are up and running for $12 bucks. Even with the server running for a whole year, you are still less than the cost of a couple of hours for a senior developer.

Scalable. Optimized. Featured. Documented.

It's all in there. It's all documented. Tiger comes with all of the most popular UI components and features a developer could want for just about any size or type of project. Spin up a Tiger instance today and take Tiger for a trial run, just for fun. Your next website and app is going to look and function beautifully running on a Tiger!

TIGER Case Studies

TIGER incorporates OneUI, a full-featured, carefully crafted admin template using the latest tech.
Use as much or as little tech as you like. TIGER already works out of the box.